Home Painting Accessories

You’ll need a variety of tools to paint your home. Painter’s tape, for example, is an essential tool that will keep your painting projects clean and safe. You can use ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape to tape off ceilings, baseboards, and windows, or you can buy FrogTape to create stripes and work around glass. A drop cloth is also a must-have accessory for preventing paint drips. You can buy a disposable drop cloth or a temporary one, such as the ScotchBlue Pre-taped Plastic Drop Cloth.

Home painting accessories also include brushes and rollers. A roller is ideal for large areas, while a paint brush is useful for small areas and edging. Use natural-bristle brushes for oil-based paints, and polyester brushes for latex paints. Angled brushes are excellent for painting trim, and flat-headed brushes are ideal for filling larger, even spaces.

Another must-have accessory is a sturdy ladder. A six-foot aluminum or fiberglass ladder is a good choice, but make sure to check its weight limit before purchasing. Lastly, a Shur-Line Touch Up Painter is a useful tool to keep nearby for easy touch-ups. The paint roller tray should be deep enough to accommodate the roller while still allowing ample room to pour paint.

Another useful home painting accessory is a paint pouring spout. This tool makes pouring paint easier and reduces mess. The spout snaps onto the rim of the can and directs the paint where you want it, preventing it from running down the sides. You can buy one at a paint store or home center.

Other painting accessories include good quality paintbrushes and masking tape. They will help protect walls and ensure that the paint adheres to them and gives a smooth finish. It is also important to purchase good quality sandpaper. It is advisable to buy good quality paintbrushes and rollers if you plan on painting more than one room of your home.

If you plan on painting walls, a paint roller is an essential painting accessory. It is useful for painting large areas and prevents paint from running off the surface. Rollers can be used with oil-based and latex paints. You should buy a natural or synthetic roller based on the type of paint you plan to use. If you are using latex paint, choose the roller with a short nap for a smoother finish.