Living Room Entrance Wall Design Ideas

If you want to separate your living room from your entrance, it is important to choose a design that allows for the flow of light between the two areas. The obvious choice is to create a partial stud partition wall, but you can also use double-sided furniture to achieve the same effect. A stylish console or wall shelf will also work well.

A coat rack in a corner adds both functionality and aesthetics. This piece features marble hooks and Verde Alpi and Rosa Perlino marble finishes. For a more stylish surface, you can also choose a W coffee table to add to the room’s look. It’s easy to incorporate a coat rack into your design, but you can also choose a coat stand with storage space.

The Cottage Home Company and Level Exposure have two designers who each have their own personal style. Their combined talents create a winning design team. The designers have an eye for mixing and matching styles and combine them to create a cohesive look. The living room in this home is filled with guests, and the gilded mirrors and copper sconces are perfect for the elegant space.

An elegant living room designed by Cindy Rinfret is a perfect example of an elegant yet functional room. The room features gold-leaf lighting and patterned grass cloth panels. The entry’s Moroccan-inspired architecture creates a harmonious balance and the 1970s original Jansen palm tree gives a playful nod to Palm Beach. The drapery fabric was fabricated by The Shade Store.

If you have a dark-colored entrance, you may want to consider using a light-coloured wall in the entryway. This will bounce light around the room, making it appear brighter. In addition, you can add colour through vases, pendant lights and artwork. However, you must take care of how the design flows through the rest of the home.

A DIY hook wall is another idea that will instantly add character to the entrance. This project is not complicated and can be easily replicated in any home. If you have children, you can even customize it to their tastes. These projects are inexpensive, easy to make, and can be perfect for an entryway.

For a more elegant entrance, you can place a gallery wall above a console table. This design will create an elegant and unique entryway. You can add a decorative piece to the wall with a mirror, art or floral. A gallery wall will also make the space look more welcoming and spacious. These ideas are just a few of the many great ways to make a living room entrance stand out. Just remember to choose a design that complements your style.