Services Offered by Roofs and Shades

Roofs and Shades is a roofing construction company that is a leader in the industry. Our work includes pre-engineered buildings, steel buildings, and space frame structures. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality services in a timely manner. Learn more about our services. The following is a list of some of the services we offer.

Providing excellent sun protection, hip roof shades are flexible, economical, and durable. They can be used on any size of outdoor space. They provide superior sun protection, extend the life of outdoor features, and create cool spaces for the community. The 4 post hip roof shade structure is available in various sizes. The cost of a hip roof shade varies according to its installation.

Changing climates can affect the amount of shade needed. In hotter climates, eave overhangs of 50% or more are recommended. In cooler climates, east shading is less important. However, if the climate is cool year-round, eave overhangs and shading structures can help mitigate heat gain.

To combat glare, buildings should utilize a variety of shading strategies to block high-angle sun in summer and admit low-angle sunlight in winter. Shades can also be used in the form of horizontal and vertical projections over glazing. Deep pergolas or verandas are also effective. Pergolas are useful for east-facing facades. Pergolas can admit low-angle summer sun while still blocking high-angle light. Additionally, planting can help filter unwanted sunlight while increasing air quality.

Eave overhangs should be designed to match the average sill-to-eave height of larger glass areas. Adaptive 45% rule of thumb for eave width can help fine-tune passive shading. It is also helpful to consider the regional climate. For instance, colder climates should use the lower 45% rule of thumb for eave width.