The Benefits of a Rooftop Garden

A roof garden can be a decorative and ecological feature. Its plants may offer food and shelter to animals, provide hydrological benefits, or enhance the architectural look of a home. The plants may also provide wildlife habitats and corridors. A roof garden can also provide recreational and ecological benefits. Learn more about the benefits of a roof garden.

In addition to plants, a roof garden can provide valuable shade during hot summer months. It is also an excellent place for a seating area, especially if the weather permits it. The best place to have a roof garden is a shady, well-protected area. If your home has a window that overlooks the rooftop, you may want to bring your plants up close to the window.

A rooftop garden should feature a variety of plants. Shrubs are good plants to use because they can provide privacy and protection from wind. Choose hardy, drought-resistant plants that will thrive in your climate. Varying the size, shape, and texture of the plants will add interest. For inspiration, study the gardens of other buildings.

In addition to providing shelter, a roof garden can prevent leaks and shield the waterproof membrane from the harmful UV rays. In addition, it can prevent structural damage caused by hail storms. A properly-installed roof garden can last up to 50 years. It also protects against the weathering effects of hail storms and fallen branches.

A rooftop garden also provides a unique opportunity for an elevated experience. The rooftop can be a place to escape the chaos of city life. People may feel aloof and secluded while overlooking the bustle of the street below. Some visitors may even notice beetles or ants as they walk through it. The experience is heightened because people become more conscious of what they are looking at.

Roof gardens need proper watering and maintenance. Professionals recommend using thicker substrates and installing drainage systems. This will reduce the amount of water you need to water your garden. In addition to that, a roof garden needs water and fertilizer, which could compromise the efficiency of the stormwater system. A recommended plant list is provided in the Ecoroof Plant List section of the Stormwater Management Manual.

A rooftop garden can also be a therapeutic space for hospital staff. Patients can take a break from their treatments in a natural setting surrounded by trees, plants, a labyrinth, or a small fountain. The hospital staff will also benefit from this space, which is accessible by wide doors. Many of these garden areas are equipped with power outlets, which make them convenient for patients with machines.

Another benefit of a roof garden is that it can provide habitats for birds and other animals. If you’re a fan of bird watching, a roof garden is the perfect option for you. It doesn’t have to be a tropical rainforest or even a lush tropic garden – you can design it to suit your tastes.