Coastal Living at Its Best

Decor inspired by coastal life is ideal for creating an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. Rattan, blues and whites are popular themes; beach-inspired decorative accents like starfish shells or even mermaids complete the picture perfectly.

Start with a clean white canvas when working with a coastal theme, and layer in pops of color such as this powdery blue accent to drive home your decor theme without becoming tacky or kitschy.

Stripes and Patterns

Nautical-themed accents and color palettes can add a nautical charm to any room, adding an engaging nautical twist that is both classic and fresh. While classic navy blue and crisp white may bring to mind sailboats cruising across open sea, an accent piece with nautical colors such as reds, yellows and oranges may stand out even more dramatically!

Stripes have long been an essential element of cottagecore design, and nautical-themed rooms benefit greatly from having stripes included as part of their aesthetic. Wallpaper or chairs adorned with stripes is the ideal way to bring this nautical feel into the room; straight pinstripes or skinny stripes may not always work; gingham prints also fit nicely.

If you don’t want to dedicate an entire room to nautical themes, try painting one wall with light shades of blue paint or using delicately-patterned wallpaper that subtly suggests maritime imagery. Warm sand tones pair nicely with maritime themes too.

Anchors and Rope

Anchors and rope add the perfect nautical touch to nautically themed rooms. Not only are these pieces charming accent pieces, they evoke antiquity and history and can be used as decorations on end tables, picture frames, or doors – or even used as door hangers! Other rustic elements that evoke seafaring include vintage wood oars, old brass antiques, rusty metal nautical flags and lighthouse models – making for an authentic maritime atmosphere in any room!

Nautical decor incorporates more playful patterns such as wave motifs and coral prints into its decor, in addition to classic navy blue hues. Mix and match these different patterns for your own distinctive nautical style!

Color is key when creating the nautical aesthetic. Neutrals bring back memories of sandy shores while classic navy blues and crisp whites of sailing boats add a hint of elegance to any room. For something lighter yet still nautical-themed, consider pale shades of blue such as baby blue or aquamarine; these hues work well when decorating accent pillows, draperies, as well as fabric on striped linen sofas or tufted chairs.

Natural Elements

Many coastal decor items are inspired by nature. From hues of blue, white and green hues, weathered wood tones and tactile woven materials – to weathered wood tones all help to create the desired atmosphere.

Jute and rattan fabrics are essential elements of nautical style when used for rugs, curtains or pillows. Their natural fibers evoke sandy beaches with light breezes off of the sea; and serve as the ideal canvas to display beach-inspired accent pieces such as model sailboats, oars or anchors.

Though it’s important to keep coastal decor subtle, these fun themes can still provide a great opportunity to express yourself and show off your design sense. Try using classic nautical elements, like stripes and patterns, in unique ways to make them seem fresh and elegant; also display special pieces such as ship in a bottle decor items or authentic divers helmets as personal accents to avoid making it too twee. This approach will keep nautical room designs from drifting into the realms of the mundane!

Portholes and Ship Wheels

Home decor that enhances a seaside ambience includes authentic nautical-themed items. Displaying a model sailboat in the living room drives home its coastal appeal; real porthole windows bring natural light into a space and serve as dramatic focal points; porthole mirrors feature similar frames made out of mirror glass for easy wall display.

Integrating nautical decor, like rope, into your decor can help to complete the coastal look. Rope’s versatility makes it ideal for use as headboard tufting or wall art installation; or integrated into lighting projects like diy staircase rail made of cleats. Plus it can even double up as table runners, towel racks, wastebaskets and bathroom hooks!

Nautical home decor can add an element of adventure and nostalgia into any room in the house, whether or not you live close to the ocean. A nautical motif is sure to remind us of summer vacations spent exploring new beaches – giving rise to memories and inspiring travel plans!

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