Home Yard Design – How to Make Your Home Stand Out From the Rest

Home yard design is an important aspect of home landscaping. The front door is the most important focal point when viewed from the street, so it should be aesthetically pleasing and easily identifiable. The other elements in the front yard should enhance and not compete with it. The placement of the front entry also determines the visual balance of the front composition. If the front entry is located on a lighter side of the property, it will require more mass to balance the house’s visual appearance.

The right home yard design can make your home stand out from other homes on the market. It can make a lasting impression on buyers and give you a great return on investment. Often, it’s the first thing that buyers notice when they first enter your home. When designed properly, a home yard can be a wonderful stress reliever and a great place to play.

One of the best ways to make your yard look beautiful is to plant a variety of colorful flowers. Flowers and plants can make your yard look like a mini park. Gardening will teach you focus and dedication. You’ll have to water and fertilize your plants regularly, which requires time and effort on your part.

Another way to add beauty to your yard is to add architectural details. For instance, a beautiful cottage will enhance the beauty of a historic home, and this home was recently featured in the Missouri Valley Master Gardener lawn and garden tour. Greg Kouri, the owner of this property, practiced masonry skills to build the pillars and rock-faced front garden. Using a natural stone called Eden Stone, he added low walls to the front foundation beds.

Next, you should make an analysis of your site. The analysis should include labels for things like access, views, and features. You may want to create a deck or patio that connects directly to the main entrance. A patio or deck should be close to a parking spot. If you have a dog, it may be beneficial to create a separate dog area for it. You can also separate the different zones in your yard by adding different widths.

Once you’ve determined the measurements and features of your property, it’s time to make a rough sketch of your yard. You’ll need to consider all existing trees, neighboring buildings, and natural features. If the property lines are not parallel, you’ll need to measure them to get the correct corner angles. You might need to involve another person to help you measure the walls of the house.

Another thing you should consider before creating your home yard design is the sun and wind patterns in your area. For instance, if the west side of your home gets a lot of afternoon sun, it will be uncomfortable to sit outside during dinner in August. The same holds true if the wind blows from a corner.