Stylish and Functional Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Storage furniture that combines functions is key when it comes to bedroom organization. From hydraulic beds with storage drawers or standard beds with side tables, smart solutions offer ample room to store luggage or blankets.

To keep accessories neat and organized, drawer organisers and clothes rails may help reduce clutter and display some of your favorite shirts and dresses.

Drawer Organisers

Use drawer dividers to streamline storage and find your everyday essentials quickly and efficiently. Custom designed to fit each drawer size, these innovative bedroom storage ideas help eliminate rummaging through drawers while optimizing space use.

Make the most of unused under-bed space by turning it into clothing storage space. From buying or making your own hollow ottoman for blankets and throw pillows to installing drawers to hold out-of-season clothing or extra linens, using this hidden bedroom storage idea will ensure clutter stays hidden out of sight.

Utilizing wall space can be an efficient and cost-effective solution to maximize storage for books, linens, eyeglasses and accessories. Utilize wall-mounted storage units with gold accents for an added layer of elegance!

Glass Storage Units

Glass storage units offer an elegant solution to heavy bookshelves by keeping the eye moving effortlessly throughout your bedroom without diminishing its beauty. Look for tall ones resembling bookcases or customize an existing desk organizer by adding modular desk organizers (ideal for keeping combs, hair pins, etc) from local home improvement stores.

When space is at a premium in your small bedroom, add shelves around your bed as an effective storage solution and create a window nook, like this one from Neva Interior Design. Built-in shelving solutions around the bed also help maximize closet storage capacity by making out-of-season clothing easy to find; utilize shoe cubbies in closet or entryway like Most Lovely Things has done to organize shoes more decoratively than makeshift.

Wall Organizers

Wall organizers provide an attractive and efficient solution for displaying and storing items without cluttering tabletops and dressers. Use decorative pegs to hang scarves and hats; or secure a corkboard panel between shelf brackets as an effective jewelry storage option that keeps bangles and earrings from overtaking surfaces.

Underneath beds is another often-overlooked storage solution that holds great promise. Rolling drawers, bins and baskets provide easy access to this area for out-of-season clothing or extra linens tucked out of sight.

Rashelle Isip advises going vertical when it comes to optimizing bedroom storage. She suggests assessing closet items for those rarely worn that could be donated or sold – an over-the-door shoe rack can also free up floor space for other items, while an eye-catching picture ledge doubles up as attractive book and decor storage solutions. You could even add rotating castors to many furniture pieces so they are easily transportable.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers provide an attractive yet practical solution for stowing clothing items in drawers – an essential bedroom organization tool. Available in various sizes, these dividers can help declutter drawers while keeping essentials such as socks and underwear neatly organized – no more searching through messy piles for what you want!

Maximising vertical space is another key strategy to making closets efficient storage areas. Wall-mounted shelving and slim hangers create extra room for garments while taking up minimal floor space, while using an ottoman at the foot of your bed as a discreet place for blankets and pillows can keep bedroom spaces clutter-free.

Welcome glass storage units as an elegant bedroom organisation solution, ideal for displaying items you are proud to show off. When combined with artwork or an industrial lamp, these pieces will elevate bedroom decor.

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