Designing and Building Custom Home Bars and Entertainment Spaces

Installing a home bar can increase the value and unique space for entertaining in your home, as well as provide additional value. Custom bars can be built either within a separate room or existing flexible spaces in the house.

Home bars can be customized by adding special details that make them truly distinct, such as fun decorations or funky features. Some homeowners might prefer more classic styling while others like to get creative.

Designing a Space That’s All About You

Design options for creating a custom home bar are virtually limitless. Choose a theme, such as Irish pub, sports bar or modern luxury, to help guide your choices of wood furniture, counter/shelf material and bar accessories.

Home bars can be found anywhere within your home – such as the basement, game room, great room, garage or sunroom/outdoor space. When selecting a location for your home bar it depends on where most entertaining will occur and how much storage and seating will be necessary.

Bold crimson hues are often chosen when designing home bars. Brick walls provide one way a bar can integrate naturally into the architecture of any home, while other elements that could be added include movie posters, rock ‘n’ roll poster art and even a large chalkboard where friends can draw while sipping their drinks.

Creating a Space to Complement Your Existing Decor

Add a custom home bar to your living room, great room or basement is a fun and entertaining way to expand entertaining options in these spaces. Additionally, it keeps alcohol out of reach from children or those not permitted to consume it.

Bars in your home can increase its resale value significantly and create an exciting focal point that draws people in for hangout sessions.

Innovative colors, brass or lacquered metal accents, unusual wallpaper designs or antique mirrors can all help give your bar its own distinct character and appearance. Even your ceiling design can have an impactful statement: here a brick ceiling contrasts nicely against the flat surfaces of white walls, wooden floors, stone counter tops and furniture in this space.

Creating a Space to Escape

Addition of a bar is an enjoyable DIY project and quickly becomes the centerpiece for family and friend gatherings. Consider what type of entertainment you like hosting as well as storage needs and entertainment habits before creating one in your living space.

If you enjoy hosting sports game nights, it is crucial that your storage capacity provides enough room for beer or wine bottles, glassware, shakers, utensils and other bar necessities. Also ensure there is enough display space so your prized bottles can be highlighted!

Emotional escape rooms are having a moment in homes, and turning a spare room into an emotional escape room or relaxing oasis is the ideal way to blend decor with self-care. This is particularly useful if your life is hectic and needs a place for you to unwind at the end of each long day or host guests and loved ones.

Creating a Space for Entertainment

Home bars provide more than just a place for drinking; they provide a space where entertaining on your terms can take place in an atmosphere tailored to reflect your personal style and preferences.

Color choices and textures in your space are key components to creating a vibrant aesthetic. In this design, speckled red walls, white wall baseboard, plaid-patterned green and red curtains, polished wooden floors, stone counter tops, and stools add visual drama and texture that draws people in.

Contrasting textures is also essential when designing a unique bar. In this design, the white walls, ceiling, and wooden plank floor boards feature smooth flat surfaces that contrast nicely with rough stacked stone textures on the back wall – helping define and make this space inviting to relax in. Finish it off with some fun accessories like painted murals or vintage pub signs, and your entertainment area is complete.

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