Unique Ways to Display and Preserve Your Travel Souvenirs

Collecting souvenirs of your travels is a wonderful way to commemorate and add personality and color to your home decor. Displaying them can also serve as a memento.

By creating a gallery wall or using special items as decorative accents, there are multiple ways to show off your memories and mementos.

Pin Board

Pin boards or corkboards are great ways to showcase photos, postcards and souvenirs like concert tickets, maps or money notes. Customise it further by attaching fabric from different collections that stands out within your decor and gives your pin board its own identity.

For added impact and meaning, organize them by country or region for an impressive display. You could create an eye-catching composition.

Another excellent way to display travel mementos is with a shadow box. These display cases with glass fronted cases make great ways of showing off souvenirs like ticketstubs, postcards, coins wristbands and wine corks from various trips around the world. You could also opt for traditional photo albums as storage solutions.

Shadow Box

Are You an Avid Traveler? Chances are, as an avid traveler, you have amassed items from faraway lands as souvenirs of your adventures. From decorative bottles of beach sand from Caribbean beaches or tea sets purchased during study abroad semesters abroad in Europe – these treasures should be displayed and preserved for years. There are various ways of doing just that!

Shadow boxes are an effective way to present travel souvenirs. This glass-front display case can hold tickets stubs, postcards, coins, wristbands, wine corks or even pressed flowers and plants – ideal for showing them off! Available at most craft stores and DIY kits can add personalization.

Mason jars make great organizing tools to display souvenirs from your travels in your home. Try grouping the keepsakes by color or country/region for a personalized display; or organize them based on type of trip taken or who traveled with you.


Are You Travel- or Trinket-Obsessed? Display Your Collection On A Wall For Everyone To Enjoy

Make a collage of travel souvenirs and frame them, or even create a resin piece incorporating all your collected coins and currency from various destinations or even small masks from your trip – they would make great table centerpieces or desk decorations as well as conversation starters with your guests!

Collectors with an interest in collecting can create their own pigeon hole cabinet to store individual objects like this modern spoon holder in each individual shelf slot. This is an excellent alternative to wall display but still allows them to display their collection.

String Art

Instead of the classic pin board approach to displaying travel souvenirs, why not create string art as an alternative way? Not only can this art form add an eye-catching feature to any wall in your home but it will also serve as a unique talking point among guests visiting you.

Making nail art is not as daunting of an undertaking as you may believe. Begin by selecting an image to use as your pattern and printing it out. Next, using a hammer, lightly pound linoleum nails all around the pattern template before stringing your chosen design over them.

Displaying unique items is a wonderful way to share memories from travel adventures and showcase souvenir gifts as part of an itinerary. Not only is this method of display fun and stimulating mentally, it can also serve as an effective souvenir present for friends and family members! Just make sure that any rough areas on wood surfaces are smoothed before staining to prevent string from getting caught in its grooves!

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