The Power of Mirrors in Home Decor

No matter the style of home decor you favor – be it modern or classic – mirror wall decor can add style and light up any room in the house. But these pieces go beyond mere utility.

Mirrors are an indispensable decorator’s tool; more than simply serving as places for you to check your reflection in bathrooms and bedrooms, mirrors can also help amp up light levels, add drama, and create stunning vignettes.

Create a focal point

Mirrors serve more than their primary function – checking our outfits before heading out the door – by being an elegant addition to any room and can add beauty and grace if placed correctly. However, often they’re not.

Mirrors should be hung so their center falls within your field of vision, much like pieces of artwork are. By positioning mirrors this way, they reflect light into dark spaces and increase visual interest.

When hanging artwork above a fireplace, hallway area, or console table, consider placing a mirror directly across it to increase its visual impact. This technique works especially well in areas that may not accommodate larger-scale decor pieces like an ornate fireplace mantel or an oversize painting.

Boost light levels

Mirrors can help add natural light into any home that lacks it by reflecting it around and spreading light around. Multiple mirrors in one room or creating a mirror wall will spread the brightness more evenly to create an environment where people will feel brighter.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that mirrors don’t actually double the light in a room; they simply reflect back light that would otherwise be absorbed by walls and surfaces.

Therefore, mirrors should be placed opposite a window or close to artificial lighting for optimal effect. They can also be placed near light fixtures to add extra brightness in hallways and living rooms alike. Round mirrors represent metal elements which bring clarity, precision, and joy.

Add depth to a room

Mirrors can create the illusion that a room is larger than it really is, by reflecting light fixtures across from it or hanging them in narrow spaces to make them seem wider and more spacious. A strategically-placed mirror can make any space seem bigger. For instance, placing it across from an overhead light fixture in a hallway or hanging it near an office desk to brighten them both work wonders in expanding perception of size in small areas.

Huntley advises hanging mirrors above tables or surfaces where natural light will fall, with caution against placing them too high – too high mirrors create the impression that one is disconnected from furniture, she notes.

Use mirrors to add depth and dimension to an art display. Hanging one directly across from an artwork will enhance its impact visually.

Create an illusion of space

Although mirrors are most often associated with bathrooms, they can also be an invaluable design element for creating fascinating illusions of space. When placed opposite or adjacent to windows, mirrors reflect natural light back into the room, instantly making it seem brighter and bigger.

This trick can be particularly effective for spaces with limited square footage. A large mirror can make any hallway or bedroom appear larger while creating an air of openness and adding to their overall sense of openness.

Mirrors can create depth while also framing focal points like artwork or fireplaces. A tall, narrow mirror leans against a wall for an art deco feel while an elegant wood frame adds warmth to any living space.

Boost your mood

Ask any decorator and they’ll tell you: strategically placing mirrors can make any space feel larger by creating perspectives and reflecting light around it. They are also beautiful pieces to add glamour even in minimalist interior designs.

Make your mirror shine its brightest by keeping it clean! A combination of rubbing alcohol and water with a microfibre cloth is a non-toxic solution to eliminating streaks and brightening glass surfaces.

An entryway with an expansive free-form mirror can help add brightness and light into a dark, dim space. CA-based interior designer Cathie Hong used natural wood frames with large surfaces of mirrors in this entryway to create an inviting ambience, increase sightlines, and boost sunlight throughout her home.

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