Add Character to Your Home With Vintage Treasure Hunting

Establishing a captivating home doesn’t happen overnight. However, discerning shoppers have many choices available to them when searching for items for their home.

Michele meticulously searched Round Top for two barn doors she could add to her newly constructed farmhouse in order to close off its open floor plan when hosting parties and hosting other activities.

Make a Statement

Vintage treasure hunting can be an exciting journey of discovery if you love making an impactful statement with their home decor. From 19th-century cabinets to vintage crystal wall sconces, there is no end to what awaits discovery.

Once inside, you’ll discover an exciting array of vintage fashion and accessories, vinyl records, art, glassware and jewelry from more than 100 reputable dealers.

Every purchase you make helps support local communities!

Take advantage of exclusive deals on vintage home decor! When attending garage sales, remember that arriving early increases your chances of snaring rare finds like movie posters worth $50,000 or Van Gogh paintings at yard sales – so if you are willing to wake up early and brave the cold weather, set out in search of that next treasure.

Add Texture

Vintage treasures and antiques bring texture into any room, often made of natural materials such as marble, glass and rattan that bring an organic vibe into any space. Vintage pieces also serve as great contrast against contemporary decor if they can combine complementary textures.

Texture can also be introduced by accent pieces like pillows, throws, artwork, drapes and lamps – providing an inexpensive way to refresh any room season after season without breaking the bank.

Style Society was started by Jess Goodpaster and Emily Dickson who take pleasure in exploring local flea markets and estate sales to find one-of-a-kind pieces for their clients’ homes. Inspired by this passion they established their business to do what they love most – styling unique homes. Some of their signature finds include vintage industrial factory carts transformed into coffee tables, old barn red doors transformed into room dividers, and wrought iron fireplace mantels repurposed as fireplace mantels.

Add Color

Vintage pieces offer an eye-catching alternative to modern furniture and are sure to add charm and character to interior spaces. From statement vases to one-of-a-kind antique kitchenware, vintage items offer endless opportunities for interior decoration. Additionally, many have centuries of history behind them and can lend any room an intriguing narrative.

Jess and Emily focus their business around finding that perfect piece, spending their days searching flea markets, thrift stores and estate sales in search of it.

If you’re ready to embark on your own treasure hunt, make sure you visit these online marketplaces:

Add Storage

Add vintage flair to your home while organizing everyday items with this set of three treasure chest boxes. Constructed of wooden materials with floral motifs and metal hardware to give an antique feel, they’re ideal for keeping jewelry, coins and keepsakes safe while at the same time giving an antique touch that suits various decor styles like rustic, bohemian farmhouse and Victorian decors.

Antique malls and flea markets may be chock full of jelly jars and dusty dolls, but they’re also an invaluable source for finding period pieces at reasonable prices without custom prices. From salvage yards to online market places, finding vintage finds has never been simpler; whether shopping for key pieces or building your whole house, incorporating vintage finds can add unique charm while saving money in the long run – plus these timeless pieces tend to outlive modern pieces!

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